Week notes #7

I missed an update last week, I want to send these out on Sundays and I just couldn’t find time last weekend so I figured I wouldn’t beat myself up and just skip a week. Apologies to those who were eagerly awaiting the update last week.

It’s been a busy couple of weeks. I’ve been busy getting to work on a comic. I think I’ve finally sorted my process which allows me to work at a larger scale than I have before, whilst maintaining flexibility. Basically, final artwork will be on A3 but I’m working stuff out on A4 and compiling it all together for a final rough page. Working A4 means I can carry a stack of paper with me pretty much anywhere and just chip away when I get time. Follow my art account on Instagram for progress.

While I didn’t do a week note update, I did find time to write a couple of new blog posts about Game of Thrones (contains spoilers!) and the comic grid I’m working to.

We finally went to see Avengers: Endgame and I thought it was brilliant. The scale of the film lived up to the culmination of the previous 21 films. If I get time, I’ll write up my thoughts in a post of its own.

I say “if I get time” because at the time of this writing, we’re two days away from half our house becoming a building site. We’re getting a new kitchen fitted and taking down a partition wall to make an open kitchen/dining room. With that, simple things like washing up will become a bit more time consuming given we won’t have a sink so I expect most evenings will be taken up by weird little tasks. Hopefully, these next few weeks will go by quickly!

I’ve been listening to many podcasts this week (standard), a couple of notable ones are:

Make It Then Tell Everybody - After a bit of a break, the episodes are coming through thick and fast and they’re as good as ever.

Paradise - A BBC series investigating the murder of two British citizens in the late 70s. It’s not often I find podcasts so addictive that I want to binge them, but I did with this.

Until next week, “good-bye, dear Bilbo