Week notes #9

Another week gone by already! The last couple of weeks I've been late or absent with an update so here I am drafting this on a Saturday evening, "will the surprises never end?" I hear you ask...

Last week's post had a lot covering the new kitchen so I just wanted to start off with that.

Since last weekend, the fitters have been, to put it plainly, getting shit done! We started the week with an empty shell of a room and we've ended with 90% of a finished project! Just tiling and painting left to do before it's fully complete.

Here's where we were at the start of the week. Walls plastered, floors levelled but no discernible clue it's meant to be a kitchen...
A nearly finished article with worktops, cupboards, appliances and lighting.

Extending what I said on the Twitters, it's great to be able to properly cook again. I like a good take-away as much as anyone but after a week and a half of mostly eating take-out, I'm ready for some thing a bit nicer.

Segueing nicely into the next point, on Wednesday I was eating a lovely lunch consisting of fresh tagliatelle, green pesto, pine nuts and some garlic bread from Cafe Solo in Hebden Bridge and letting my mind wander while I enjoyed the sunshine. My mind wandered somewhere it seldom goes: my meat-eating habits.

I'm not becoming vegetarian or vegan by any stretch, I will openly say I still love a good burger or brisket but I have decided I'm going to try to reduce the amount of meat I eat. I make no claim this will have any impact on anything and fully accept that my vegetarian or vegan friends out there will say simply reducing isn't good enough but I figure reducing my personal meat consumption by half, let's say, is better than not at all. I'm a terribly fussy eater, but feel free to hit me up with any recipes you want to recommend!

Again, I'm not stopping eating meat altogether, pepperoni pizza is my all-time favourite thing to make, after all. But, I'm thinking if I set myself a goal to have a meat-free day, following a day where I've had some meat*, it'll be a step in the right direction.

(*) Just to note: On meat-eating days, I'm not going to suddenly ramp up the amount of meat I eat, that would render this exercise completely pointless.

On Thursday evening, I headed into Leeds for LeedsIllo, a monthly meet-up for illustrators in and around Leeds. I've followed them on Twitter for a long time and had intended on attending sooner but life throws curveballs preventing me from doing so. Anyway, I made it this week, I chatted to some lovely people, they made me feel really welcome and I'll definitely be attending in future as often as I can.

Lu is at a hen party this weekend so I've been looking forward to some Daddy-Son time with Ali. Our plan to have a nice relaxing Friday evening watching Spider-Man Homecoming was thwarted by an accident at nursery which saw Ali hit his head on a wall in the playground. He was ok aside from a few small cuts, but they were bad enough that we needed to pop down the road to A&E to get them closed up with medical glue. All in all, it wasn't bad. By usual A&E trip standards, getting treated and discharged in just over an hour was a pretty massive win.

Today hasn't been that exciting so I won't bore you with details but tomorrow we're off to the Royal Armouries in Leeds which we've never been to, so very much looking forward to that.

Until next week, "see ya, pals"