Why the web industry rocks

Yesterday morning started like a normal weekday. I waited with my wife at the station until her train arrived then headed off to work. In the five minutes it took me to walk from the station to the office, I had an idea for a project.

I fired off an email to my fellow TweetsForBalls partners in crime (Si and Anthony) to gauge opinions which thankfully came back with the response I was hoping for. They've been really helpful in guiding and suggesting names for the project (because I'm generally pretty rubbish at it) and are up for getting involved where they can.

I sent another email to some web friends to see if they'd like to be involved and the response there so far has been really positive and in just over a day, this project has a team of four ready to get stuck in.

This last day set in stone why I love the web industry. I invite some friends to be involved to whatever degree they wish knowing I can't afford to pay them for their time or input, yet they still choose to. It's not like the project is risky, but it still takes time out of already busy lives. It's this mutual understanding that helping others out, even if it only consists of an email or two, could help benefit others.

Without going into detail, that is the aim of the project at its core; to help inspire others.

The project is still young and developing but when we get things rolling, we'll be on the lookout for great writers to produce some informative and thought-provoking content. If you're interested in hearing more when the project really gets going, drop me an email and I'll let you know the score as we get closer to launch.