Fates by Erik Mongrain

I came across this guy last year when a friend sent me a link to a video on YouTube displying an unusual technique to play the guitar called 'Lap Tapping'. This technique has been around a long time, but I'd never seen this before. I was astounded that the guitar could be played this way, but what struck me more, was the sound it produced and the melodies that were created.

Erik has just released his debut album, 'Fates', and I have just literally this minute finished listening to it. The first track 'PercussienFa' is one I have heard before on YouTube but still remains my favourite track, not that the rest of the album is lacking in any way.

I don't have the ability to put into words how great this album is so I encourage you to do one of two things. Go to Amazon (UK) and pre-order the CD but you will have to wait until June 26th for it or you can get it right now by going to Erik's site and getting the downloadable tracks. This costs less than $10 (about £4.50) for all ten tracks which is hardly pricey so get yer arses on down there!