One sheet of paper...

I've been struggling with motivation to get my comic finished. It's been a month since I last wrote about my comic progress, partly because there hasn't been all that much to report. I enlisted some help in getting some of the flat colours done on some pages which moved me closer to the finish but still my motivation wasn't quite there.

I think the feeling of the enormity of the task ahead has been holding me back. When I'd think about all that's left to do, my head would just get fuzzy and I couldn't really get a clear grasp of the status so I decided I needed to visualise the project. I've tried using todo apps in the past but they're just too easy to bypass, too easy to ignore. I needed something tangible and, more importantly, visible. I opened up Figma and quickly threw together a checklist template.

My printed checklist - Empty = Lots to do, Pink = Flat colour done, Blue = Final colours done, Black = Not that many panels on the page

Yes, it's essentially a todo list but it's hanging above my desk so it's never far from my mind. I can see what areas I need to work on next and the satisfaction of getting to scribble on it as I complete stuff is its own mini reward.

Since putting this up on Monday, I've been a lot more focussed, methodically working through the pages which were lagging behind. I'm hoping in another month, I'll be getting close to lettering. From there, it's just the cover and then on to sorting a print run!